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Even more clean kilometers

Solaris Urbino 12 hydrogen is a emission-free bus, which is powered by hydrogen fuel cell.  This incredibly innovated vehicle, offers a drive range up to 350km while preserving all advantages of an electric engine. The bus is characterised especially by a low level of noise and lack of vibrations while moving. Moreover, the only product of the chemical reaction, which takes place in the hydrogen fuel cell is water. A refilling time takes couple of minutes, and thus will ensure the flexibility and elasticity to the vehicle’s operator.

Sharply outlined body line, its comfortable interior but most importantly ecological drive guarantee novelty in the industry as well as uniqueness of an travelling experience not only for drivers but also passengers of existing metropolises.

The premiere of this vehicle was taking place during International Association of Public Transport UITP in Stockholm on 09-12 June 2019.

Even more clean kilometers

New chapter in electromobility

E-mobility is the future of public transport. Solaris Bus & Coach focused especially on development of  electric drives already 10 years ago. Every day hundreds of busses running on streets in multiple European countries confirm fully electrical drive’s reliability. Millions of electric kilometers run by our busses is the basis for  experience. Busses powered by hydrogen cells are also a basis for completion of our emission – free portfolio.

Hydrogen technology is complementary in regard to battery drives. Development’s synergy of all pillars of electro mobility will speed up the public transport’s transformation to become completely emission-free. This is a key do ensure secure and pleasant future city space.

  • Completely emission free -  the only product of the chemical reaction, which takes place in the hydrogen fuel cell is water.
    Completely emission free - the only product of the chemical reaction, which takes place in the hydrogen fuel cell is water.
  • Technologicaly advanced - guarantees the drive range up to 350km on a single tank.
    Technologicaly advanced - guarantees the drive range up to 350km on a single tank.
  • Extremely silent -  it has all the advantages of electric drive, such as no vibration and low level of noise.
    Extremely silent - it has all the advantages of electric drive, such as no vibration and low level of noise.
  • The refilling time takes couple of minutes.
    The refilling time takes couple of minutes.

Technical data

Urbino 12 hydrogen

Technical data

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Drivetrain system


Standard - electric portal axle ZF AVE130 2x110 kW

Hydrogen fuel cell

Standard - 70 kW

Traction batteries

Standard - lithium-ion

Hydrogen tanks

Standard - compiste tanks 5x312l

Charging system

Standard - plug-in


Front axle

Standard - ZF independent suspension
Option - ZF rigid axle

Drive axle

Standard - ZF portal axle with integrated electric motors

Central lubrication

Standard - central lubrication point output in the chassis - solid lubricating oil
Option - central lubrication system with self-diagnostic - semi-fluid lubricating oil


Standard - ZF Servocom

Braking system

Standard - EBS electronic (dual-circuit) braking system incorporating the anti-blocking system (ABS) and the traction control system (ASR), parking (hand) brake with emergency release function from the driver's seat, bus stop brake
Option - ESC (Electronic Stability Control)

Suspension levelling system

Standard - ECAS air suspension with function lowerig the right side, lowering and raising bus, lowering right side by 70 mm, raising by some 60 mm


Bodywork frame

Standard - stainless steel

Side panels

Standard - removable side panels and wheel arch panels

Door arrangement

Standard - 1-2-0
Option - 2-2-0
Option - 1-2-2
Option - 2-2-2
Option - 2-2-0

Maximum entrance height

Standard - all doors - 320 mm

Wheelchair ramp

Standard - wheelchair ramp at the 2nd entrance, stowed away manually

Passenger capacity seated

Standard - max. 37 + 1 (depending on door arrangement and batteries)

Heating, ventilation

Air-conditioning in the driver’s cabin

Option - air-conditioning powered by passanger AC

Air-conditioning in thepassenger compartment

Option - air-conditioning with electric compressor

Electric installation

Electrical installation

Standard - electrical installation based on CAN-Bus sysem