Antiviral solutions

More safety

Solaris has developed special packages of solutions to increase the safety of bus passengers and drivers during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. Importantly, they can be retrofitted to vehicles already delivered to customers as well as those that are to be ordered and produced. We present proven and durable system solutions, based on components from renowned European suppliers.

Closed driver's cabin

For professional drivers, Solaris has developed a version of partially closed driver's cabin to create a comfortable and safe working environment. The cabin provides separate ventilation and air conditioning that minimize the air flow from the passenger compartment. The driver can use a separate entrance and exit space to minimize direct contact with public transport passengers.

Intercom - contactless driver-passenger communication system

In order to ensure that the social distance does not restrict the communication between passengers and driver, buses can be equipped with an intercom.

Touch free door opening and closing by passengers

A solution based on light gates that recognize people intending to enter or leave the bus. The driver enables door opening and closing on his console. The doors operate automatically without passengers having to touch the buttons.

Passenger counting systems

In many countries where Solaris vehicles operate on a regular basis, restrictions on the number of bus passengers carried at the same time have been introduced as a result of the epidemic. In order to provide this type of protection, both the driver and passengers should have access to information on the current number of passengers inside the vehicle. Solaris offers its customers a system that is installed at the bus door and automatically counts passengers by recording each entry and exit. The system can display information on how many passengers can still enter the vehicle both in the driver's cabin and on the displays in the passenger space.


In public transport, contact with other passengers is made indirectly by touching the same surfaces. To minimize the risk of spreading viruses in this way, it is possible to install hand disinfection fluid dispensers on railings inside the bus. The disinfectant is able to perform 3000 operations on one filling, is easy to use and consumes little energy. Several devices of this sort can be installed in the vehicle, depending on the interior layout.

Customer support

The solutions minimizing the risk of infection are available for all markets where we supply our products to. For more information please contact the Customer Service.

In addition to the aforementioned solutions, Solaris has prepared detailed recommendations for its customers regarding the use and maintenance of ventilation and air-conditioning equipment in buses. The recommendations concern, among others, the frequency and methods of cleaning and disinfecting air conditioning, filter types and filter replacement. Following these recommendations will contribute to increasing passenger safety and minimizing the risk of infection transmission in the bus.