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Stages of submitting an offer:

  1. Please see attached cooperation documents: Supplier Survey; Supplier Code; NDA - confidentiality agreement
    If you are interested in submitting an offer, send the signed documents together with the offer. Signing the cooperation documents is mandatory when you want submit an offer.

    *Documents must be signed by a person/persons authorized to represent the company.

  2. Send the documents signed and the offer to the e-mail address as follow:

Send the offer

Do you want to send us an offer?

In order to facilitate cooperation with the contractors, we hereby provide the General Terms and Conditions of Agreements, in a manner allowing to store and reproduce them in the course of ordinary activities. The document constitutes the template, referred to in Article 384 of the Civil Code, binding upon the parties to the sales or delivery agreements concluded with Solaris, irrespective of the form or manner of concluding the Agreement. In case of innominate agreements, containing an element of sales or delivery, the General Terms and Conditions of Agreements apply to that part of rights or obligations of Solaris and the contractor which corresponds to rights and obligations of the parties to the Sales or Delivery Agreement.

We also publish the Manual for Suppliers of Solaris Bus & Coach sp. z o.o. including general recommendations and procedures that should be observed in order to become and keep the status of the Qualified Supplier of Solaris Bus & Coach sp. z o.o.