Sustainability Report 2022

We are introducing the Solaris Sustainability Reports. The publications summarize the Solaris Group's activities over the years in terms of managing corporate governance, developing Solaris' products, minimizing the Group's impact on the environment, and performing positively in the social space.

The Reports include an extensive description of measures undertaken by Solaris as a response to challenges posed by increasing urbanization as well as global climate and civilizational change.

More information about our ESG activities:

Sustainability Report 2022

Sustainability Report 2022


An educational project with a green goal

In 2022, we launched a new educational initiative in the CSR area. Devised for children in grades 1 to 3 of primary school, the #CityMission by Solaris project aims to promote public transport among young children as it is the most environmentally-friendly option to get around a city. As part of the project, we aspire to enhance environmental awareness among children and to emphasise the significance of sustainable transport, for the sake of the city and its future.

The pilot edition of the #CityMission by Solaris project included three elements: a creative contest for primary schools, educational workshops, and a location-based game for whole families. The task in the contest involved designing an environmentally friendly bus of the future that has a beneficial effect on the environment. The prizes in the contest were breathing murals and vertical gardens, specially designed for the winning schools.

The project’s website



#CityMission by Solaris

Safe Driver

Even the best equipped vehicles and the most innovative solutions require qualified drivers. Solaris therefore launched the "Safe Driver" training programme in 2005.
Its aim is to improve the safety of road users. During these training sessions drivers learn to anticipate and quickly identify hazards as well as to recognise and consolidate the ability to adequately respond in extreme conditions.

The practical part of the training is carried out in one of the best centres of its kind in Poland, boasting a complete training infrastructure (skid pans – straight stretches, turns, a traffic circle, an elevation with electronically steered barriers; a gravel track; two off-road tracks; a go-kart track; conference rooms; parking space; garages). The training is divided into a theoretical and a practical part, so as to combine exercises behind the steering wheel with a review of the results and a chance to clear up doubts. Participants learn among others the basics of driving ergonomics, what oversteering and understeering is, how to emergency brake in various conditions, on road surfaces with a varying grip, and they also get to know various techniques of dodging obstacles on roads. About 1600 bus drivers have been trained in our facility in the Safe Driver programme. Drivers and transport firms interested in trainings are most welcome to take part in them. A schedule of trainings, information about the terms of participation and the price list are provided alongside.

Safe Driver


Szymon Surma

Marketing Department

Vocational training programme

In collaboration with the Vocational School in Murowana Goślina and Swarzędz, Solaris has been implementing a programme of Practical Vocational Training via sponsored classes since 2007. The goal of the project is to give young people a career headstart as best as possible, while at the same time supporting local education and investing in the local labour market. The students attend the sponsored class for three years, trained by skilled engineers and specialists, and thus gain a general and theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills as mechatronics technicians. Solaris employs all trainees of the programme based on their status as underage workers. The know-how and skills gained by the students by means of the sponsored vocational training programme give the graduates a better headstart on the regular job market. Since 2014 the students of the sponsored classes have been pursuing a curriculum preparing them to the vocational exam held by the Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Polska).


students started tuition in the first year of the programme in school year 2022/23.


have graduated the programme so far.


students are currently employed by the firm.


graduates have been given full-time employment.

Here are some opinions of graduates of our sponsored vocational training:

  • Filip

    I am happy to already be working in the line of work that I am training to do. Company employees are always ready to help out and give us valuable instructions. Once I complete my course I feel I will be well-prepared to start working. Thanks to my work experience in the company my motivation and chances of finding an interesting job are much better.
  • Marcin

    I heard about the possibility of joining the sponsored class from my class friends. They said it was OK. I had considered going to a regular high school. However, now I am happy that I chose the vocational school, because I got a job right after graduating from that school.

How we implement the programme:

  • The regular vocational school curriculum

    takes up two days per week in the Vocational School in Murowana Goślina.

  • Vocational training

    • Theoretical - financed by the county authorities in Poznań, with lessons being held one day a week in the School Complex No. 1 in Swarzędz.
    • Practical - implemented in Solaris Bus & Coach sp. z o.o. facilities on two days per week.

Dual study course

As of July 2014 Solaris has been co-operating with the Technical University of Poznań (Politechnika Poznańska) and industrial firms of the Wielkopolskie region to carry out a new education programme involving a dual study course. The course is run by the Machine Construction of the Mechanical Engineering faculty. A new specialisation - Industrial Engineering - was created for purpose of the programme. Apart from lectures and seminars held at the technical university, the study curriculum includes also 6-month summer internships in Solaris and paid a one-day-per-week internship throughout the whole study course.

“The working time per week is adjusted to the study schedule and is gradually being extended from one to three days per week over the last term of the study course.”

At the moment 17 students are completing the dual degree course in our company

  • Bartek

    The extensive experience gathered throughout my study course gives me confidence to start work.Thanks to the internships and lesson organised by Solaris I gained additional know-how and skills which I would not have been able to tap into, had I not attended the dual study course. My biggest thanks go out to the company employees who are happy to help out and who are not afraid of allocating a responsible task during the internship. I am quite sure that there is no better way to start a professional career in the industry!”
  • Mikołaj

    Thanks to the dual study course I had the opportunity to get to know all aspects of work as a design engineer and also the rules of cooperation in Solaris. Co-workers from the office and employees of the production division were always helpful, ready to advise me, as well as share their experience and knowledge with me. At the same time they treated us as equals. Thanks to the experience and knowledge gathered in the firm, I had no problem whatsoever handling my project tasks at the university. Right after graduation I was offered a post as a junior design engineer in the Office of Research and Development of Solaris - the same in which I had my internship before - which I gladly accepted.

How does it work?

  • 01

    Recruitment takes place at the end of the second term of the study course.

  • 02

    Once students qualify to join the programme, they get to know production processes and work rules in design departments and production-supporting departments over a period of two months during the summer holidays.

  • 03

    Starting from October, next to attending academic activities, they start an internship in the Company, coming in once a week to begin with.

  • 04

    The work hours are adjusted to the study course and are gradually extended to three days per week in the last term.

  • 05

    An additional curriculum of university activities, next to internships, is implemented on the company premisses (including machining, technical metrology, designing production processes, maintenance of processes and operation), as are customised subjects which the company is fully in charge of (basics of public transport vehicle design, possibilities of combining materials in vehicles).

Employee volunteering

Not only competences and professionalism, but also empathy and willingness to help others are the strength of the employees of Solaris Bus & Coach sp. z o.o.  Responding to the needs of the local community, every year since 2011, Christmas gifts are collected for children attending the Special Schools Complex. Employees from Bolechowo, Jasin, Murowana Goślina and Środa Wielkopolska are participating. To appreciate their commitment, the company supports the enterprise in the field of organization and logistics. During this initiative, students received from Solaris employees educational and rehabilitation materials as well as equipment for classrooms. During the finals of the action, every year Santa Claus is supported by a delegation of employees of the company and of course the symbol of Solaris - Green Dachshund. The Christmas collection is the culmination of year-round activities for the school, initiated by the company, its employees and the "Green Dachshund Foundation - to the rescue of the helpless".

In 2018, Solaris was invited to participate in the innovative project "My Own Corner" implemented by the Association for the Development of Civic Education. It's objective was to help seniors living in Social Welfare Homes by reorganizing the space of rooms so that they were adapted to the limitations of the elderly and the sick. Solaris employees had the opportunity to prepare Mrs. Teresa's room for her individual needs.

Employee volunteering

Employee volunteering

Material from the 2019 finale

The “Green Dachshund Foundation”

The “Green Dachshund Foundation – for the rescue of the defenceless” was established by Solaris in 2012. Its goal is to help people and animals in need in the vicinity of the firm. The statutory goals of the foundation include implementing aid programmes for children and youngsters, disseminating the idea of animal right protection, popularising voluntary service and engaging employees and external stakeholders. You will find out more about the activities of our foundation at

The “Green Dachshund Foundation”

“At the Green Dachshund” nursery

In order to meet the demands of working parents, in October 2012 Solaris opened one of the first nurseries in Wielkopolska region that is dedicated to children of a company’s employees.  The establishment of the in-house nursery was motivated by the idea to create a unique place ensuring the safety and versatile development of children. The in-house nursery takes care of the Solaris employees’ children, aged from six months to three years. The chief goal of operating such a facility is to support pedagogic and educational efforts of parents. On account of the diversified and individual pace of emotional, intellectual and physical development of children, the nursery maintains two age groups: “Younger Children” and “Older Children” Each of these have their own, adequately prepared, spacious and richly furnished room, whereas a modern playground and a site with pets enable the children to spend quality time outdoors. Find out more about the nursery at

“At the Green Dachshund” nursery