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Solaris Logistics Center:

  • original parts in best availability
  • full range of parts for all types of Solaris vehicles
  • over 30 000 parts – from small screws to whole body parts
  • over 6000 square meters of storage space
  • innovative and environment-friendly warehouse system
  • express parts deliveries to customers both in Europe and beyond
  • team of experienced experts 
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Genuine Solaris parts

Optiline is an in-house designed line of spare parts, which meet the unique operation characteristics of Solaris buses. It was designed by a team of Solaris engineers, who know each and every detail of the vehicles form Urbino family and have a long-standing experience in their servicing them.  Their perfect fitting also yields measurable benefits in operation. All parts in Optiline portfolio were designed to meet all technical as well as environmental requirements. The customers who went for environmentally-friendly vehicles, can continue with its ecological maintenance.

  • Perfectly fitting Urbino family
  • Solaris in-house design based on long-term servicing experience

  • Environmentally-friendly solutions

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Optiline advantages

Optiline engine filters

Genuine Optiline engine filters, dedicated to Solaris vehicles, provide maximum safety for DAF and Cummins motors versions preceding the Euro 6 of in post-warranty period. Thanks to their extremely high durability and efficiency, the downtime of vehicles will be reduced to a minimum. Optiline products are recommended by the Solaris engineering team and are therefore fully compatible with the engine manufacturers’ solutions.

  • Quick and effortless replacement thanks to perfectly fitting form
  • Filtering material tightly mounted to housing
  • Highest quality and full compatibility confirmed by Solaris engineering team
  • Maximum safety for whole fuel system thanks to 99.95-percent filtration efficiency
  • Highest quality thanks to regular and detailed production controls

Optiline AC and heater filters

The line of original Optiline products also includes filters dedicated to Konvekta AC and Aurora Teddy 2000 heaters. They will help keep the devices fully efficient, while at the same time reducing their maintenance costs also in warranty period.

  • Efficient air filtration for passengers’ and drivers’ comfort
  • Optimum temperatures in the vehicle in all weather conditions
  • Size and form perfectly fitting Konvekta air conditioners
  • Efficient filltration of air flows thanks to high quality materials
  • Extra protection for better efficiency and durability of air conditioner
  • Reduced downtime thanks to airtight and accurate filtration

Optiline brake pads

Genuine Optiline brake pads, dedicated to Solaris vehicles were developed with the greatest care for the passengers’ safety. They meet the most stringent requirements for efficiency and reliability on any road even in the hardest weather conditions.

  • Safety and efficiency proved in stringent road tests
  • Perfect functioning in all weather conditions
  • Highly economical thanks to better durability of Optiline brake pads
  • Robust friction materials for better efficiency
  • Low noise for any mileage
  • Less brake dust on tyre rims
  • Fully compatible with other suppliers’ brake discs


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