New design

The new metropolitan design that can be applied to almost all bus and trolleybus models - of any length and with any kind of driveline. Solaris is able to ensure the same passenger load for vehicles in the MetroStyle design, as for the standard edition ones. In spite of the new front design of the bus, the producer will maintain the same work space comfort for drivers - in terms of seat position and driver cabin ergonomics. Instead of conventional mirrors, Solaris will offer innovative cameras which will surely enhance the drivers’ comfort, but above all safety.

New design

New design

MetroStyle - premiere

The distinctive and dynamic tram-look of buses in MetroStyle design is a response to the latest trends in public transport. The vehicles in this design were specially developed to cater to BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) systems. The new MetroStyle generation is the result of the deep integration of engineering feats, the creative force of designers and the strategic goals of Management. In this regard, Solaris treats the new MetroStyle look as the premium design version within its product portfolio.

Trollino 24

At the Busworld 2019 in Brussels, Solaris presented the new MetroStyle design on the bi-articulated Trollino 24 trolleybus. This particular bus length will be perfect for highly urbanised metropolises and for the busiest, special fast routes.

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