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Urbino 18 hydrogen

Even more clean kilometers

Introducing the Solaris Urbino 18 hydrogen, an articulated hydrogen-powered bus. Perfectly selected hydrogen system components, optimized fuel cell parameters, and a new modular drive ensure excellent performance in this zero-emission vehicle.

The Urbino 18 hydrogen is definitely a standout in Solaris’s offering.

The 12-metre hydrogen bus has been part of Solaris’ portfolio for many years now. In 2022, we complemented the range with an articulated hydrogen-powered model.

The Urbino 18 hydrogen bus was developed as a response to the increasing demand for hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Even more clean kilometers

Even more clean kilometers

Advanced hydrogen technology

The main energy source is hydrogen. The heart of the bus is a cutting-edge fuel cell that acts as a miniature hydrogen power plant.

Hydrogen is transformed by the fuel cell into electricity, which is then transferred to the driveline.

Thanks to the hydrogen technology applied and an increased number of new, light hydrogen tanks with a total capacity of 51.2 kg, the brand-new bus performs excellently on longer routes. It is able to cover 600 km on a single refill, while maintaining all the qualities of an electric drive (based on energy consumption in e-SORT 2 tests).

Full refueling of the vehicle takes around 20 minutes.

Solaris batteries with a capacity of around 60 kWh serve as an auxiliary power source, used, for example, during acceleration as well as for energy storage.

Modular drive = more space

The vehicle doesn’t feature a conventional engine compartment as it has been equipped with a modular drive system with components placed on the roof and in the rear of the vehicle. This solution:

  • Maximizes passenger capacity,
  • Facilitates servicing,
  • And provides a great deal of flexibility when it comes to roof arrangement options.

Depending on the configuration, the bus can carry up to 140 passengers.

The latest model can be type-approved as a class II vehicle, which makes it possible to deploy it on inter-city routes.

Highest safety systems

Our customers are offered the possibility of customising the bus to cater for their individual preferences.

The bus is available with four door arrangements: 2-2-2-0, 1-2-2-0, 1-2-2-2 and 2-2-2-2.

As standard, the new model features an air-conditioning system for the passenger compartment with a heat pump, which uses heat drawn in from outside to create the right vehicle temperature.

Regarding additional features, clients may choose from a variety of solutions, for example, they may opt for ADAS, i. e. advanced driver assistance systems such as MirrorEye or MobilEye Shield+.

Highest safety systems

Highest safety systems

Fuel of the future

Hydrogen has recently been one of the most frequently mentioned energy sources when it comes to developing a zero-carbon economy. It is being deployed in transport, industry, and power generation.

Interest in hydrogen-based zero-emission solutions continues to grow in Europe, including in the bus manufacturing industry.

Solaris is a leading manufacturer in this market segment. Its order book contains more than 800 ordered or delivered hydrogen buses. 200 of them already serve passengers in a dozen or so European towns and cities.

Technical data

Technical data