Sosnowiec expands electric Solaris bus fleet

Sosnowiec expands electric Solaris bus fleet
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Public transport operator Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacji Miejskiej (PKM) in Sosnowiec is buying more electric Solaris buses. The contract covers the delivery of 9 solo buses Urbino 12 electric and 5 articulated Urbino 18 electric, including the charging infrastructure. The novel buses will increase the electric vehicle fleet of PKM, and they will join the three other electric buses of the polish manufacturer which have already been carrying residents of the region for two years.

On 20 August the representatives of Solaris and of the Sosnowiec-based operator PKM signed a contract for the supply of 14 Urbino electric buses. Nine of these will be 12 metres long, whereas the remaining articulated five vehicles will be 18 metres long. Moreover, PKM invests in charging infrastructure, having ordered three pantograph chargers and eight plug-in chargers set up at bus depots. The gross value of the contract is over PLN 46 million (approx. EUR 11 million). In line with the contract, the completion of the order is scheduled for July/August 2021.

“I am extremely pleased that the operator PKM Sosnowiec opted once again for our electric offer. Positive changes in public transport and its sustainable development will not succeed without the involvement and commitment of such cities such as Sosnowiec. We are glad that we can support European cities in the development of an infrastructure that is environmentally friendly,” says Petros Spinaris, Deputy CEO of Solaris.

All of the 14 vehicles will feature the cutting-edge Solaris High Energy+ batteries. The 12-metre buses will feature 4 packs with a capacity of over 300 kWh, whereas the articulated units will be fitted with 6 packs with a capacity of over 470 kWh. The battery buses for Sosnowiec will be equipped with a central motor of 160 kW in the case of the 12-metre buses and of 240 kW in the case of 18-metre ones. Throughout the day the vehicles will be recharged using fast pantograph chargers lowered onto the special rails on the bus roof: two of these will boast a power of 250 kW, and another one will have 190 kW. What is more the buses can be charged with a conventional plug-in connector, using one of the eight 80 kW chargers placed on the premises of the bus depot.

Featuring fully automated air-conditioning of the whole vehicle, the comfortable bus interior will fit 86 passengers in the case of the Urbino 12 electric and 130 persons for the Urbino 18 electric. Emission-free and extremely quiet e-buses will be equipped with modern solutions improving travel comfort of passengers such as illuminated USB charging ports, that allow passengers to recharge their mobile phones, as well as Wi-Fi Internet access.

The buses will feature a whole range of amenities and safety-enhancing measures. Just like in the case of previous electric Solaris buses for Sosnowiec, the new ones will feature a breath alcohol ignition interlock device the driver will have to use before starting the vehicle. The buses will also feature a passenger counting system and a closed driver’s cabin that allows the separation of the driver from travellers. LED lamps will automatically illuminate passengers presenting their tickets for controls to the driver. Safety will be ensured by CCTV cameras surveilling the passenger compartment and the road in front of the vehicle, as well as devices monitoring the street during reversing manoeuvres and the pantograph when the batteries are being charged. A handrail will be installed in the space adapted to needs of disabled persons, along the side wall, at a height accessible to wheelchair-bound passengers.

The vehicles will also feature a thermal pre-conditioning system which will facilitate the automatic steering of heating. Used during the bus charging, the pre-conditioning optimises the consumption of electric power supplied by the traction battery during the ride. The operator will be able to pre-set interior temperatures, for each day of the week and for specific periods of time. Consequently it will be possible to widen the range of the vehicle on a single charge and to reduce the time needed between starting a bus and reaching optimal parameters for passenger transport.

PKM in Sosnowiec has been cooperating with Solaris for almost 20 years. To date, the biggest city in the coalfield region Zagłębie Dąbrowskie has received over 100 Solaris buses. Electric buses make up a part of that fleet. Therefore, Sosnowiec’ transport policy is consistent with the best citizen and environmentally friendly practices. The number of electric buses is soaring both in Poland and in cities across Europe. Solaris is a leader among European suppliers and producers of zero-emission electric buses.

Photo: UM Sosnowiec

In the picture (from the left): Marek Pikuła (PKM Sosnowiec), Mateusz Nalewajski (Solaris Bus & Coach S.A.), Zbigniew Szaleniec (Mayor of Czeladź), Arkadiusz Chęciński (Mayor of Sosnowiec), Petros Spinaris (Solaris Bus & Coach S.A.), Dorota Nowak (PKM Sosnowiec), Waldemar Wlazło (Solaris Bus & Coach S.A.).

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