More Solaris buses to Dortmund, this time electric ones

More Solaris buses to Dortmund, this time electric ones
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Solaris will deliver 30 electric buses featuring cutting-edge solutions to Dortmund. The articulated Urbino 18 electrics will make their appearance in the city at the end of 2022. This investment by public transport operator Dortmunder Stadtwerke AG in electric Urbino buses is a component of the city’s long-term strategy to reduce environmental pollution and noise in the urban area.

Solaris Bus & Coach and Dortmunder Stadtwerke AG, a public transport operator in Dortmund, have signed a contract for the delivery of 30 articulated Urbino 18 electric buses. They will be the first electric Solaris buses in the municipal carrier’s fleet. In previous years, the city welcomed 13 Solaris buses with conventional diesel engines. The innovative and completely zero-emission Urbino electric vehicles will come to Dortmund exactly 10 years after the last deliveries.

„We have come a big step closer to introducing electromobility in Dortmund. With Solaris, Ekoenergetyka and Omexom Frankenluk, we now have strong partners on our side who enjoy an excellent reputation in the industry and have a wealth of experience. With their support, our bus fleet, which is already one of the most modern in the country, will take a major step forward and become climate-friendly, but will also contribute to further reducing noise and emissions in Dortmund”, emphasized Hubert Jung, Member of the Management Board of DSW21.

„Dortmund is taking impressive efforts to transform public transport into a sustainable one. I am proud that our company can contribute to this historic change. Thirty modern, zero-emission buses will ply the city center, allowing passengers to experience the undeniable benefits of clean transportation - for people, for the city, for the environment. I sincerely congratulate the company on this investment and I am convinced that it is a step towards the future”, said Petros Spinaris, Solaris Bus & Coach Board Member responsible for Sales, Marketing and After Sales.

The electric Solaris buses due to join the Dortmund fleet will stand out due to their innovative solutions. The carrier has taken steps to ensure the highest comfort and safety levels. The MobilEye Shield+ drivers’ assistance system will allow the blind spot to be eliminated. It detects pedestrians and cyclists moving close to the vehicle. This is particularly important during turns, when visibility can be impaired. What is more, the cutting-edge equipment in the interior will include, among other things, USB charging ports, a passenger information system and environmentally friendly LED lighting.

Investments in zero-emission public transport vehicles represent a landmark in the bid to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in towns and cities. The newly ordered, electrically-powered Solaris buses will not release any noxious emissions into the atmosphere, and moreover, they will ensure a high quality ride due to the engine’s quiet and smooth operation. Solaris High Energy batteries, with a total capacity of over 600 kWh, will be charged by means of a pantograph as well as using a conventional plug-in connection.

Thermal comfort will be ensured by efficient and environmentally friendly air conditioning with a CO2 heat pump which uses heat from outside to reach the right ambient temperature inside the vehicle. This solution allows the energy efficiency of the vehicle to be raised, which translates to an extended driving range.

The German market is the second largest for Solaris when it comes to registered electric buses. And in 2021, it was Germany where the most e-buses in Europe rolled out onto the streets. Solaris, as a leading manufacturer of zero-emission solutions for public transport, has contributed substantially to this development. Over 250 Urbino electric buses currently ply routes in German towns and cities, making up over 20% of the local market, and Solaris continues to win new contracts there.

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Solaris Bus & Coach sp. z o.o. is one of the leading producers of city and intercity buses in Europe. It focuses in particular on the development of zero-emission vehicles, i. e. electric and hydrogen buses as well as trolleybuses. This has resulted in the widest zero-emission product range in the European market and a leading position in this segment with a market share of 15.2%. Nearly 25,000 Solaris vehicles have been delivered so far and they ply the streets in 850 towns and cities across 33 countries located throughout Europe as well as beyond it. Solaris is part of the Spanish CAF Group (Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles) S.A. From conception, to the design and manufacturing phases, all Solaris buses are produced in Poland. Moreover, all activities undertaken by the manufacturer are in line with the brand’s mission, which is reflected in the motto “We are changing the image of public transport”. Solaris also actively partners with public transport operators and provides them with comprehensive support in their transition to zero-emission mobility.

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