Another Solaris electric buses in Hamburg

Another Solaris electric buses in Hamburg
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The newest Solaris Urbino 12 electric for Hamburg started operation on Monday, supporting the city's efforts for zero-emission public transport. Two out of ten vehicles ordered are already carrying passengers in daily traffic. Together with the electric buses delivered in previous years, the fleet of Solaris buses at HOCHBAHN carrier will raise to 15 vehicles in the course of the year.

‘With the new vehicles, we are consistently following the path to a completely zero-emission bus fleet. This protects the environment, provides better air and sets new mobility standards in the city’ Claudia Güsken, HOCHBAHN Board Member for Operations and HR emphasized during the first passenger course with the Solaris bus.

Solaris's CEO, Javier Calleja, also came to the Hanseatic city for the first passenger ride. ‘We are very happy that with our electric buses we set the course towards environmentally friendly mobility and zero-emission public transport. Electric buses provide cleaner air and less noise – a double win for every citizen’.

The ten Urbino 12 electric were ordered by the HOCHBAHN last year. They will be charged via plug-in charger at the depot and will have a guaranteed range of 150 kilometres. The three-door battery buses will carry up to 70 passengers, of which 25 seated. Power will be supplied by Solaris High Energy batteries with a capacity of 240 kWh. The two electric motors on the drive axle convert kinetic energy back into electricity when braking.

In the picture (HOCHBAHN): Claudia Güsken and Javier Calleja in front of the Solaris Urbino 12 electric.

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