Tramino Olsztyn

Tramino Olsztyn


The Solaris Tramino is bi-directional. As it has two driver’s cabins, it can be used effectively on one-rail routes so there is no need to build a tram loop. The trams for Olsztyn consist of three sections. Each of them runs on a pivoting bogie of its own. Tramino Olsztyn's track has a gauge of 1,435 mm. In order to reach maximum effectiveness it uses performance wheels with a large diameter of 682 mm. However, despite the wheel dimensions the floor remains 100% low. In designing the tram, Solaris's engineers introduced a range of innovative technologies and unusual solutions that hitherto have been unknown in Poland and even in European markets. One such development is automatic levelling at different loads and wear of wheels. Four asynchronous 120 kW traction motors deliver the necessary power. The new trams are equipped with two batteries with a 540 AH capacity which allows them to operate independently of overhead wires.



Tramino Olsztyn

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Dane techniczne

Total length of vehicle

- 29300 mm

Internal width of body shell

- 2500 mm

Width of the aisle

- 700 mm

Height at retracted pantograph

- 3800 mm

Number of body sections

- 3

Number of powered bogies

- 2

Number of non-powered axles

- 1

Track gauge

- 1435 mm

New wheel diameter

- 682 mm

Worn wheel diameter

- 602 mm

Minimum curve radius

- 18 m

Floor height above top of rail

- 360 mm

Percentage of low-floor area

- 100%

Number of seats

- 43

Number of standees

- >200 (5 passengers/m2)

Number of wheelchair spaces

- 2

Number double-leaf doors (width 1300 mm)

- 12

Network voltage

- 600 V (+200 V, -200 V)

Number and power rating of traction motors

- 4x120 kW

Traction motors

- asynchronous

Design maximum speed

- 75 km/h

Maximum speed

- 70 km/h

Air-conditioning in the driver's cabin

- yes

Air conditioning passenger compartment

- yes

Tram life expectancy

- min. 25 years