Tramino Lipsk

Tramino Lipsk


The trams for Leipzig boast a total length of 37.63 and width of 2.3 meters and consist of four modules. The stylistic concept of the vehicle is the outcome of close collaboration of the customer and design studio IFS Design what allowed for the optimisation of the tram in terms of comfort, ergonomics, as well as habits and wishes of the tram drivers in Leipzig. In order to ensure maximum aesthetic cohesion and to reduce noise generated by equipment mounted on the vehicle, it has been fitted with roof screens. Specially designed lighting panels have been installed in the ceiling, adapting the colour and intensity of light to weather conditions. The designers have included four extremely broad, 1500 milimetrewide double-leaf doors and two one-leaf, 800-milimetre-wide doors in the vehicle. The passenger information system has been improved by fitting the vehicle with special external displays for passengers entering the tram, mounted over the double-leaf doors.



Tramino Lipsk

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Dane techniczne

Total length of vehicle

- 37630 mm

Width of body shell

- 2300 mm

Width of the aisle

- 700 mm

Height at retracted pantograph

- 3498 mm

Number of body sections

- 4

Number of powered bogies

- 4

Number of non-powered axles

- 1

Track gauge

- 1458 mm

New wheel diameter

- 600 mm

Worn wheel diameter

- 510 mm

Minimum curve radius

- 17 m

Floor height above top of rail

- 590 mm

Percentage of low-floor area

- 65%

Number of seats

- 75

Number of standees

- 145 (4 passengers/m2)

Number of wheelchair spaces

- 1(+1)

Number single-leaf doors (width 800 mm)

- 2

Number double-leaf doors (width 1500 mm)

- 4

Network voltage

- 600 / 750 V

Number and power rating of traction motors

- 8x85 kW

Traction motors

- asynchronous

Maximum speed

- 70 km/h

Air conditioning driver's cabin

- yes

Air conditioning passenger compartment

- yes

Tram life expectancy

- 32 years