Tramino Jena

Tramino Jena


Tramino Jena are three-section, fully low-floor bidirectional GTx trams. With their construction, the vehicles fit Jena’s network perfectly, not only in terms of its infrastructure of tram tacks and depots, but also the existing tram fleet. Trams are equipped with an air-conditioning system for the driver’s cab and passenger area. Every section is based on one centrally-mounted bogie. Consequently, the weight of every section is evenly distributed, the vehicle is more stable and the forces transmitted through the articulations are much smaller. The Tramino Jena is the first tram operating in Germany which was supplied by a Polish manufacturer.



Tramino Jena

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Dane techniczne

Total length of vehicle

- 29300 mm

Width of body shell

- 2300

Internal width of body shell (maximum)

- 2090 mm

Height at retracted pantograph

- 3600

Number of body sections

- 3

Number of powered bogies

- 1

Number of bogies with one drive axle

- 2

Track gauge

- 1000 mm

New wheel diameter

- 662 mm

Worn wheel diameter

- 580 mm

Minimum horizontal curve radius

- 20 m

Floor height above top of rail

- 360 mm

Percentage of low-floor area

- 100%

Number of seats

- 61

Number of standees

- 103 (4 passengers/m2)

Number of wheelchair spaces

- 2

Number double-leaf doors (width 1300 mm)

- 8

Network voltage

- 660 V (+165 V, -220 V)

Number and power rating of traction motors

- 4x90 kW

Traction motors

- asynchronous

Design maximum speed

- 75 km/h

Maximum speed

- 70 km/h

Air conditioning driver's cabin

- standard

Air conditioning passenger compartment

- standard

Tram life expectancy

- 30 years