First Solaris e-buses to go to Riga as soon as next year

First Solaris e-buses to go to Riga as soon as next year
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On 29 November, Solaris Bus & Coach sp. z o.o. signed a contract with Latvian operator Rīgas Satiksme to deliver 35 Solaris Urbino 12 electric buses. In addition, the contract can be extended via the supply of another 17 e-vehicles. The value of the basic contract amounts to over €19 million. The vehicles will arrive in the Latvian capital at the end of 2023. This is yet another investment by Riga in zero-emission public transport.

Latvian carrier Rīgas Satiksme has taken another step towards e-mobility. The very first Solaris e-buses in Riga will soon join the city’s impressive bus fleet. The order covers the supply of 35 Urbino 12 electric buses, and includes an option to extend the order with another 17 units. The total value of the basic contract, to be executed within 12 months, amounts to over €19 million.

“We have been collaborating with Rīgas Satiksme for over 20 years now. Meanwhile, we have delivered almost 600 of our vehicles to Riga. I am extremely proud that our company can be part of the history of public transport in this city, in particular as the beginnings of our e-mobility path in the Latvian capital date back to 2001, when the first Trollino trolleybus rolled onto the streets of the city. E-mobility is, no doubt, the future of transport, and the zero-emission buses that will soon join the local fleet will bring numerous tangible benefits to the city’s residents”, said Olivier Michard, member of the Management of Solaris Bus & Coach sp. z o.o. for Sales, Marketing and After Sales.

The new buses are Solaris’s flagship zero-emission buses, very well-known throughout Europe. The low-floor 12-metre vehicles will feature Solaris High Energy batteries, with a capacity of 140 kWh, to be charged using both a plug-in connector and an inverted pantograph. The battery charging status along with the remaining range in kilometres will be displayed on the driver’s panel. The drive of the Urbino electric will consist of a central traction motor.

The buses, designed to carry at least 72 passengers, will boast numerous solutions to enhance the comfort of both drivers and passengers. One of the them will be an alcolock device which will breathalyse the driver every time before ignition. As standard, the vehicle’s interior will feature air conditioning, cameras monitoring the passenger compartment and the immediate vicinity of the bus, as well as an advanced passenger communication system. In addition, the enclosed driver’s cabin will feature a heated seat, and thanks to an automatic passenger counting system the driver will always be kept informed as to the number of passengers currently onboard. For passengers’ comfort, the buses will be fitted with LED lamps and USB charging ports.

In order to optimise energy consumption in the buses, they will feature so-called thermal pre-conditioning. This function means that, while the battery is recharging, the interior of the bus is concurrently warmed up or cooled down, depending on the season. Consequently, when setting off from the bus depot, the bus will be ready temperature-wise to ensure a comfortable travel experience.

The vehicles will also boast an eSConnect system for efficiently managing zero-emission bus fleets. This software, developed by Solaris experts, offers such functionalities as access to vehicle data in real time as well as identification of any faults as they occur.

Latvia is naturally a major export market for the manufacturer. Over 20 years ago, Riga’s fleet was expanded by the first Solaris trolleybuses. Since then 560 Solaris vehicles, including over 160 Trollinos, with 10 units featuring a technologically-advanced hydrogen range extender, have been delivered to the country’s capital. Soon, Riga will be the third city in Latvia to boast Solaris e-buses in regular use. Six battery electric Solaris buses already ply the streets in the seaside resort of Jūrmala and in the town of Jelgava.

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Solaris Bus & Coach sp. z o.o. is one of the leading European bus and trolleybus manufacturers. Benefiting from 25 years of experience and having manufactured over 20,000 vehicles, Solaris affects the quality of city transport in hundreds of cities across Europe every day. Thinking of the future, the firm is setting new standards by dynamically developing its products, in particular in the electromobility sector. Solaris electric buses, trolleybuses and hydrogen buses are cutting-edge solutions for zero emission public transport. Solaris products have been repeatedly awarded for quality and innovation. The Solaris Urbino 12 electric won the prestigious European "Bus of the Year 2017" competition. In September 2018 Solaris Bus & Coach sp. z o.o. joined CAF Group.

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