Solaris’ feats in the Spanish market. 90% of contracts concern low- and zero-emission vehicles

Solaris’ feats in the Spanish market. 90% of contracts concern low- and zero-emission vehicles
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Solaris is winning more and more contracts in Spain. Clients from that country are primarily interested in the comprehensive range of vehicles with alternative drives produced by the Polish manufacturer. Almost all orders placed this year concern low- and zero-emission vehicles. Over the past weeks the company has significantly expanded its service network, which will allow it to take even better care of the secured contracts.

Solaris has been progressively increasing its presence in the Spanish market for a few months now. Only this year the company has landed deals for nearly 60 low- and zero-emission vehicles, they are what arouses most interest among Spanish clients of Solaris. All newly ordered buses – be it electric, hybrid or CNG-fuelled vehicles – will roll out on to the streets of Spanish cities by the end of the year, thus contributing to the reduction of noxious exhaust emissions.

“What is crucial is that 90% of orders secured by Solaris this year concern buses with alternative drives. One third of these are vehicles featuring exclusively electric drives“, says Kepa Mendikute, the Managing Director of Solaris Bus Ibérica.

14 articulated electric buses made by Solaris will hit the streets of Barcelona under an order placed by the municipal public transport operator TMB. The operator TUSGSAL from the nearby Badalona opted, in turn, for hybrid buses of Solaris. Its fleet will see the addition of 11 Urbino 18 hybrid in 18-meter version by the end of 2020. Hybrid buses in 12-metre version will be delivered to the private operator Avanza based in the small town of Elche in the east of Spain.

What is more, Solaris has also secured orders for 20 eco-friendly CNG-propelled buses which are very popular in Spain. 13 Urbino 12 CNG buses were purchased by the private operator Moventis providing public transport services in the city of Barcelona. In addition, further gas buses, including one articulated vehicle, will be supplied by Solaris to the city of Burgos, and to Girona.

The representative of Solaris on the Spanish market is Solaris Bus Ibérica. Its active approach is visible not only through the number of won tenders, but also in the field of after sales. Expanded in January, the service network will allow to carry out maintenance work and repairs of Solaris buses in the fleets of Spanish operators even more efficiently. Clients will benefit from additional 100 service centres in Spain and Portugal within the Alltrucks Truck & Trailer Service network.

Over the last few years Solaris has been re-orienting the organisation of production and after-sales servicing towards vehicles with alternative, low or zero-emission, propulsions. This is strongly reflected in the sales structure of the company. In 2019 low- and zero-emission vehicles accounted for nearly 50% of all sold vehicles, whereas emission-free vehicles, i.e. trolleybuses and electric vehicles, made up one third of them.

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