Another successful year of collaboration of Solaris with operator Josef Ettenhuber GmbH

Another successful year of collaboration of Solaris with operator Josef Ettenhuber GmbH
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Based close to Munich, bus operator Josef Ettenhuber GmbH acquired another 25 Urbino buses with conventional drivelines last year. For the first time in its history, it also opted to supplement its fleet with three electric drive buses.

The buses of Josef Ettenhuber GmbH service nearly 30 bus routes in the counties Ebersberg and Munich. Solaris performed its first order for that transport operator in 2004. Back then, the Polish bus and trolleybus maker delivered 6 Urbino 12 buses. Over the course of more than a dozen years the good cooperation of the two firms resulted in additional orders for buses with conventional and also with hybrid drivelines. In 2019, the carrier bought its first three electric buses. Hence Josef Ettenhuber GmbH has become the first private bus operator carrying passengers of bus lines of the regional transport association MVV (Munich region) in battery buses.

“To us, the collaboration with the company Josef Ettenhuber GmbH is an example of successful long-term cooperation between Solaris and a private operator. This year was particularly exceptional for Josef Ettenhuber GmbH because the firm not only purchased 25 new Urbino 12 with conventional drives, but for the first time in its history, it also got buses with electric propulsion. These included also the 100th Solaris bus that we were privileged to deliver to our long-standing client. I am very glad that, by taking this step, Ettenhuber GmbH went for this very vehicle of our brand,” stated Alexander Schmidt, Sales Manager for the South at Solaris Deutschland GmbH.

Thanks to last year’s deliveries, the 84 Urbino buses already in use in the fleet of this operator will be joined by another 28 vehicles, including 3 ones with electric drivelines. Among these are the 100th Solaris bus in Josef Ettenhuber GmbH’s fleet. The commissioned Urbino 12 electric buses are equipped with plug-in charged Solaris High Energy batteries with a capacity of 300 kWh. The bus propulsion consists of electric motors integrated with an axle. Meanwhile, the other 25 Urbino 12 vehicles are fitted with diesel motors complying with the rigorous Euro 6 emission standard. The buses feature among others 32 regular seats and six folding ones, air conditioning, a passenger information system, Wi-Fi Internet access, as well as USB ports which allow for the recharging of mobile devices during rides.

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